UK evaluates mitigation opportunities in developing countries with the collaboration of Factor

mercoledì, 23. dicembre 2020 | Energy


The UK Government Department for Business, Energy and Industry Strategy (BEIS) has published the final project report "Assessment of climate change mitigation options to support the UK Government in developing its International Climate Finance (ICF) Portfolio." The project was undertaken over a one-year period, divided into two phases. Factor Ideas for Change and its team participated in the second phase of the project.

The objective of this project was to support the UK Government cross-departmental International Climate Finance (ICF) programme, by identifying and evaluating climate change mitigation opportunities in developing countries in Asia, Latin America and Africa. The analysis aimed to define how these mitigation options can be catalysed and support the ICF team's internal decision-making process around the direction of investments within the next ICF programme period.

In the project’s second phase, the 15 most critical climate change mitigation options were identified starting from a first list of 36 mitigation options. For each, a detailed assessment was made of the climate impact, the development impact, the need for investment, the cost-effectiveness, the barriers to adoption and whether the UK's expertise could be harnessed across the regions where those actions were most needed.

Specifically, Factor Ideas for Change evaluated and offered recommendations within five thematic areas:

  • Fiscal Policy & Just Transition.
  • Industrial Decarbonization Policy.
  • Sustainable Consumption Patterns.
  • Agriculture and Food: Productivity Enhancements.
  • Climate Intelligence and Data.

BEIS' ICF uses an evidence-based approach in implementing climate change mitigation intervention possibilities in Official Development Assistance (ODA) eligible countries, in line with the ICF's current strategy in the different areas of its programme, such as cross-sector decarbonisation, measures to support climate data improvement and leveraging private financing in sectors such as sustainable forestry or land use.

The project was led by Vivid Economics (UK), in collaboration with Factor Ideas for Change and Adam Smith International (UK). From Factor Ideas for Change the following people participated: Craig Menzies, Kepa Solaun, Iker Larrea, Asier Sopelana, Carolina Trimiño, Elena Aguirre and Germán García.

You can access the full report via the following link: https://devtracker.fcdo.gov.uk/projects/GB-GOV-13-ICF-0029-KEEP/documents


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