Factor CO2 participates in the meeting of experts for the development of an environmental standard for Latin American and Caribbean coffee, in Costa Rica

giovedì, 22. novembre 2018 | CO2 | 5

Between November 21 and 23, the team of Factor, represented by Asier Sopelana, Partner and Project Manager, is participating in the Meeting of Experts for the Development of an Environmental Standard for Latin American and Caribbean Coffee, in San José, Costa Rica.

The expert meeting is organized by ECLAC in collaboration with ICAFE, the Ministry of Environment and Energy of Costa Rica and PROMECAFE, and is supported by the Swiss Embassy in Colombia (COSEDU) and UTZ/Rainforest Alliance.

The objective of this meeting, which involves 11 countries in of the region, is to generate consensus on the central aspects of a standard environmental footprint of green coffee, from the perspective of producers in the region, and prepare a first document that integrates this regional consensus under the format of Product Environmental Footprint (PEF), proposed by the European Commission.

During the workshop, Sopelana will present the first results of the pilot project they are developing for UTZ-Rainforest to implement the environmental footprint in Cohonducafé. Rubén Gallozzi from UTZ-Rainforest presented the objective of the project for the organization and Sopelana the scope and analysis of the data collected in the pilot leaving some guidelines for discussion on the second day to reach consensus for the construction of an environmental standard for coffee.


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Asier Sopelana




Source: Factor CO2