Factor CO2 in Trinidad and Tobago

giovedì, 16. marzo 2017 | CO2

On March 14th and 15th, the Methanex carbon footprint project was launched in Trinidad and Tobago.

Kepa Solaun, Partner and CEO of Factor CO2, along with Irene Rivera, Consultant of Factor CO2, presented the work plan, methodology and objectives established for the development of the project.

The meeting was attended by John Agard and Camille Roopnaire, local consultants associated with Factor CO2, as well as the technical team of Methanex.

The visit to Trinidad and Tobago consisted of two days of activities, the first, in which the meeting previously mentioned for the launch of the project was held; and the second, in which a visit to the facilities for data collection and preliminary analysis of the required information was scheduled.


With this project, Factor reaches almost forty projects developed in South America.

Specifically, Factor has developed about a dozen previous projects in Trinidad and Tobago on adaptation and mitigation issues to climate change and carbon footprint (in multinational companies such as Atlantic LNG).

Trinidad and Tobago, whose industrial economy relies heavily on petroleum and petrochemicals, is the world's second-largest per capita producer of greenhouse gas emissions (after Qatar). Therefore, the measures taken to reduce their emissions are of great relevance in the action against climate change.


Since 2004, in Factor CO2 we have developed more than 1,100 projects, in more than 40 countries and with more than 700 clients, both public and private. Applying the carbon footprint approach to more than 400 organizations, products and events.

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Source: Factor CO2