Factor attends the annual follow-up meeting of the project: Electric Travelling

mercoledì, 1. aprile 2020 | CO2


On the 2nd and 3rd of April, the Factor team, represented by Asier Sopelana, partner and manager, will meet electronically, presenting the progress of the "Electric Traveling" project, at the follow-up meeting to be held at the city of Bilbao during these dates and that given the conjuncture of COVID-19, it will be maintained through digital means.

The Electric Travelling project, funded by Electric Mobility Europe (EMEurope), aims to develop a platform to support the implementation of electro-mobility in Intelligent Cities based on ICT applications.

The consortium of collaborators involved in the development of the project is formed by: Factor - Ideas for change, SAITEC.S.A., Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Delft University of Technology, Over Morgen B.V. and the Silesian University of Technology in Poland.

During the meeting, the Factor team, represented by Asier Sopelana, along with representatives from DeustoTech and SAITEC, will present within the Multi-Agent Simulation Tool module, the scenario comparison tool, the identification of parameters from allocation charging points, and reporting for local authorities with variants comparison. Also, the results and progress of the second year of the Electric Traveling project and the objectives of the third year of its implementation.

The "Electric Travelling" project is developed within the framework of the Horizon 2020 EMEurope initiative which aims to provide financial support to innovation projects focused on the application and implementation of electric mobility to advance in the integration of mobility electrification in European urban and suburban areas. https://www.electricmobilityeurope.eu/projects/


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Asier Sopelana




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