Emissions Trading: Commission adopts amendment to ETS Auctioning Regulation

venerdì, 2. novembre 2018 | Trading

The Commission adopted a delegated regulation amending the ETS Auctioning Regulation to list Germany’s next opt-out auction platform and to establish arrangements for monetising a first batch of 50 million allowances, to enable a timely start of the Innovation Fund in 2020.

As indicated in a previous regulatory update, the draft amendment was published on the Better Regulation Portal for four-week stakeholder feedback period until 10 October.

The amendment adopted today will allow Germany to resume auctions on its opt-out platform, the European Energy Exchange AG (EEX), as it is now listed again as such in the ETS Auctioning Regulation. The last German auction with EEX as the opt-out platform under the current listing will take place on 9 November 2018. Thereafter, the auctions for Germany are expected to resume in the course of the first quarter of 2019.

This amendment also facilitates the timely start of the Innovation Fund by arranging for the monetisation of a first batch of 50 million allowances on the Common Auction Platform in 2020.

The adopted act is now submitted to the European Parliament and Council. Provided that these institutions do not raise any objections within two months, it will then be published and will enter into force thereafter.


Source: Ec.europa.eu