75% of Factors clients increase their sustainability score in the CDP ranking

jeudi 10 décembre 2020 | CO2


Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) is a worldwide sustainability reporting system, which allows companies, cities or regions to measure and manage their possible impacts on the environment. The initiative uses a unique methodology that assesses companies and assigns them a score from 'A' to 'D'. This score is awarded based on certain criteria, such as the organisation's awareness about climate change, its actions regarding climate change mitigation and adaptation, and its management of environmental risks, showing environmental and climate action leadership within the company.

This year, CDP has examined 5,800 companies that make up its ranking of leading companies in the fight against climate change. Factor Ideas for change provides the necessary tools for companies to optimize their results in the reports and this year, while supporting companies in the development of the report, it has achieved that 75% of its customers increase their score in the initiative, reaching higher levels.

Moreover, 50% of Factor's clients who respond to the initiative have reached the "leadership" level of the CDP, and the rest have at least reached the highest level in environmental management.

An increasing number of companies have decided to participate in the CDP report, as it demonstrates the organisation's involvement in identifying and managing the potential impacts of phenomena such as climate change. Furthermore, all this information is particularly important for organisations, as it can help companies and their investors to make key decisions based on the results of the report and prepares the company to respond optimally to regulatory and policy changes in the environmental area.


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