Ryanair becomes first airline to enter top 10 ranking of EU carbon polluters

jueves, 04 de abril de 2019 | Trading

Ryanair is now the tenth highest emitter under the EU’s Emission Trading System (EU ETS), becoming the first non-coal plant to enter the top 10 of biggest polluters, BusinessGreen reports, based on analysis by thinktank Sandbag.

The Irish airline reported 9.8m tonnes of carbon emissions to the EU ETS in 2018, up 7% on 2017 figures. Campaigners suggest that as coal use drops off, the news is a sign that aviation is coming to the fore as bloc’s biggest emitter, BusinessGreen writes. Airlines’ emissions covered under the EU ETS “grew 5.7% within Europe last year”, while the total emissions covered by the market “dropped 4.2%”, “mainly thanks to a 6.4% drop in emissions from the power and heat sector”.

Andrew Murphy, the aviation manager at the European Federation for Transport and Environment, tells the Guardian : “When it comes to climate, Ryanair is the new coal. This trend will only continue until Europe realises that this undertaxed and under-regulated sector needs to be brought into line”.

Ryanair has pledged to reduce its CO2 emissions per passenger from 66.7 grams per passenger mile to 61.4 grams by 2030, BusinessGreen reports, despite that fact that its CEO once described climate change concerns as “complete and utter rubbish”.

Source: Business Green