EU must triple wind power share to meet climate aims – study

viernes, 28 de septiembre de 2018 | Trading

Europe must install more than 20 GW/year of new wind power capacity from 2030-50, tripling its share of the energy mix, in order to meet its climate goals, said Wind Europe in a new report on Tuesday.

The above would be equivalent to 36% of the European energy mix by the middle of this century, while in 2017 wind’s stake stood at just 10%, added the industry group in its study entitled Breaking New Ground.

To ensure temperatures failed to rise above 2C by the end of the century – as ratified in the Paris Agreement – the EU should aim for renewables (including wind power) making up 78% of the energy mix by 2050, it added.

Current EU targets stipulated an 80-95% cut in greenhouse emissions by 2050, though it was debatable this would be achieved with Germany – the region’s biggest polluter – behind schedule. 

Efficient grids
To achieve its renewables targets, “Europe will need to build longer and stronger electricity grids at a much faster rate than in the past 10 years”, the study added.

“Europe will also need to improve the flexibility of its power system. Digitalisation and smart grids, meanwhile, will allow utilities to deliver power to consumers when and where it’s needed.”

Wind Europe acknowledged the role of the EU ETS as a central policy instrument for achieving decarbonisation but urged further reforms to boost the price of emissions certificates to incentivise the switch away from coal.

The Dec 18 EUA contract was currently around EUR 20/t, with many commentators saying a price of EUR 30/t or more was required to promote a switch away from polluting fossil fuels.

Earlier this month, Wind Europe CEO Giles Dickson warned of uncertain conditions for new wind installations beyond 2022, as most governments had not clarified their plans.


Source: Montel News