The markets are becoming more and more significant not just as the most important instrument for efficiently allocating energy resources, but also for gradually moving away from the most emissions-intensive fossil fuels.

Factor Trading actively participates in different environmental markets, where it carries out operations with a wide base of companies. It provides information, knowledge, and access to the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS), national and international guarantees of origin and voluntary carbon markets.



Information products

Factor Trading elaborates periodical bulletins on the evolution of the EUA, and monthly reports on the regulatory evolution and other fundamental aspects of the market.

Access to markets

Factor Trading offers the execution of trading operations of emission credits which are valid in the EU ETS, such as the European Emission Allowance (EUA), the Aviation Emission Allowance (EUAA), and the carbon credit from the United Nations Clean Development Mechanism (CER).

Buying and selling strategies

Factor Trading optimizes EUA purchases through different instruments, such as forward purchases, options, and mid-price purchases. For those who seek profitability or just to sell, they will have at their disposal the possibility of making REPOS, SWAP and/or SPOT sales.


Factor Trading assists the airlines by informing and offering the possibility of advising on the new CORSIA scheme. In addition, airlines will have at their disposal the collaboration of Factor Trading for the execution of their purchase operations.

Additional services

Factor Trading offers advice on account opening or delivery on behalf of third parties for those companies that do not have accounts at the Renade and helps with compliance deliveries.


Voluntary carbon markets

Factor provides information on the assets of the main standards of the voluntary emissions market (VERRA's VCS, UN CER and the Gold Standard), and assists companies that wish to do so in offsetting their carbon footprint and in achieving their climate neutral objectives.


Guarantees of Origin (GOs)

Factor elaborates purchase and sale plans of GOs in the short, medium, and long term with the objective of maximizing the profitability of the GOs and always maintaining an active attitude towards the market.