The markets are becoming more and more significant not just as the most important instrument for efficiently allocating energy resources, but also for gradually moving away from the most emissions-intensive fossil fuels.

Factor Trading actively participates in different energy and environmental markets, where it carries out operations with a wide base of industrial counrterparties. It provides information, knowledge and access to the natural gas, electricity and greenhouse emissions trading markets.

The following are the activities that Factor Trading carries out in the energy and carbon markets:

  • Information products. All raw materials are highly volatile and sensitive to macroeconomic, political and climate aspects. Because of this, Factor Trading continuously monitors developments in the energy and carbon markets as well as producing detailed briefings on regulation changes, analysing their implications for the different industrial sectors.
  • Access to the energy and carbon markets. Access to the energy and carbon markets requires very specialised human resources, as well as certain financial and technological resources. At Factor Trading we buy and sell emission credits (EUA and EUAA) and carbon credits (CER and VCU among others), and we provide consultancy and mediation services for hedging of electricity and natural gas.
  • Finance plans. The free assignment of emission credits can be used in the same way as any other financial asset. In this regard, Factor Trading designs and implements several finance plans based on the sale and collateralisation of EUAs, such as the implementation of forward transactions (repo), the buying and selling of call and put options on EUA and the active management of surplus EUA positions.
  • Purchase plans. Compliance with energy and climate change targets in Europe will lead to gradual rationing of emissions credits. In that context, we design purchasing plans to minimise the financial impact of applying the EU ETS regulations, and we optimise purchases through different instruments, such as forward purchases, options and average-price purchases.

Price table

21 August 2019

EUA spot 26.01 € -0.23 € -0.88 %
EUA Dec19 26.02 € -0.23 € -0.88 %
EUA Mar20 26.12 € -0.23 € -0.87 %
EUA Dec20 26.29 € -0.24 € -0.90 %
EUA Mar21 26.45 € -0.24 € -0.90 %
CER spot 0.21 € 0.00 € 0.00 %
California Fut 19 17.50 $ +0.01 $ +0.06 %
Hubei 30.15 ¥ 0.00 ¥ 0.00 %