The World Bank and Factor launch a survey to identify the biggest challenges in EU countries for a transition to the circular economy.

28 September 2021 | Trading

The World Bank is implementing the project "Survey for the Capacity of the Public Sector in Mainstreaming Circular Economy" which aims to identify the main challenges faced by the public sector in the European Union (EU) Member States in making a transition to the circular economy, and to understand what capacities would be needed to address these challenges. 

To this end, Factor Ideas for change, together with the World Bank, is conducting research through a survey and subsequent interviews to gather information from different actors involved in the transition to the circular economy, mainly from the private sector, academia and NGOs in EU Member States. 

Factor has launched the survey to reach out to as many circular economy stakeholders as possible in the different EU countries so that they can respond by assessing their perceptions on a number of governance attributes.

We would like to hear your opinion! Please find below the link to access the survey in English. The survey will take between 5 and 10 minutes.

Access the survey: https://es.surveymonkey.com/r/S8YHQCJ



Source: Factor


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