The FlaminGo project kicks off

25 February 2021 | Sustainability


Last 18th of February Germán García, Project Manager, and Carolina Trimiño, Senior Consultant, both experts in Circular Economy represented Factor Ideas for change in the first meeting of the FlaminGo project. The virtual kick off was attended by all partners from 8 different European countries, who presented their work packages and tasks within FlaminGo for the next 4 years of the project.

FlaminGo is funded by the European Commission and led by the Italian company MBN Nanomaterialia, this project aims to develop new aluminium-based materials and components for the manufacture of lighter electric vehicles, following the principles of the circular economy ("cradle to cradle" approach). The Factor Team will be leading the "Work Package 8: Circularity and environmental sustainability".

Within the project, Factor's Circular Economy experts aim to analyse the life cycle assessment (LCA) of the product through a comprehensive comparison of different materials in 4 phases:

  • Definition of goal and scope of the LCA: includes the identification and characterization of selected components and materials, and chosen scope (for example, cradle to cradle).
  • Inventory analysis: Making a model of the product life cycle (process diagram) with all the environmental inputs and outputs in all life cycle stages. Data will be based on observation, quantitative research, and manufacturer information.
  • Impact Assessment: Understanding the environment relevance of the inputs and outputs, and how the processes and product in the LCA impact human health and environment.
  • Interpretation: Evaluating the integrity and consistency of data and making interpretations and conclusions of final results.

In addition, they must also analyse and calculate the life-cycle cost, which will provide a basis for comparing total costs with other products available on the market and support the dissemination, exploitation and development activities of the business model from the design phase.

The FLAMINGo website is currently under construction and will be available soon under this url: http://www.flamingo-project.eu/


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