Net Zero Webinar: the new rules for climate neutrality

31 March 2021 | CO2


On 25th March, Factor Ideas for change organised the online conference "Climate ambition and offsets under the Paris Agreement: the new rules for climate neutrality", with the main objective of analysing the current context of corporate climate ambition under the Paris Agreement, as well as the new regulations for climate neutrality.

The webinar was attended by four national and international guests from diverse backgrounds, which gave the opportunity to establish different points of view on a current topic of great interest for companies.

Arantza Mojarrieta, General Deputy Director of carbon markets, spoke on behalf of the Spanish Climate Change Office and explained the framework of climate neutrality for companies in Spain from the government's point of view.

After her intervention, Iker Larrea, Director of Markets at Factor Trading, gave a presentation on "Voluntary carbon markets in net-zero environments", through the analysis of the zero emissions paradigm, the offsetting of emissions through the markets and their valuation criteria. In addition, he presented GoZero, the five-step roadmap, developed by Factor, which helps companies to achieve the zero emissions ambition.

After the presentations, the speakers at the discussion panel were Álvaro Pérez del Castillo, Executive Director of Carbosur; Jesús David Sánchez, Head of the Technical Department of Sustainable Forestry; and Gonzalo Blanca, Climate Change Technician at Acciona.  At the end of the conference, a debate was opened on different topics of interest for companies such as the future of renewable energy projects, market prices in recent years or the interest of the forestry market in Spain.

In conclusion, limiting the temperature increase to no more than 1.5°C would require reducing global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to half by 2030, and achieving climate neutrality by 2050. In this context, companies will need to increase their climate ambition and adjust their business model through the development of transition plans towards a carbon neutral economy.

The pressure is growing along with companies' commitment to reduce emissions, as well as investors' demands to create ambitious and credible climate neutrality plans. This is why a well-functioning voluntary carbon market will be key in achieving global targets.


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Source: Factor