MWC Shanghai 2021, the biggest carbon-neutral event in Asia

25 February 2021 | CO2


Today ends the sixth edition of the Mobile World Congress Shanghai (MWC Shanghai 21), which has brought together leaders from the world of technology, as well as governments and companies to advance the process of innovation and technological change. This year's event has focused on connectivity, 5G and artificial intelligence. Despite being a face-to-face event, due to the current circumstances, a virtual platform has been offered to attend and interact with other attendees online.

As a result of its commitment to the fight against climate change, MWC Shanghai is the biggest event in Asia to achieve carbon neutrality certification.


What is carbon neutrality?

The GSMA, as the lead organiser of this international event series, has been calculating the carbon footprint of all activities during the MWC Shanghai event since 2015. Some of these activities included in its analysis are:

  • Transport and accommodation for GSMA attendees and employees before, during and after the event.
  • Transport and construction of exhibiting companies' stands.
  • Energy consumption, water consumption and waste generation within the event facilities.
  • Catering services.
  • Communication materials.

Every year, the GSMA designs and reviews its Carbon Management Plan to reduce emissions from all activities included in this analysis. Thanks to this plan, reduction measures have been implemented such as the Attendee Offset programme in which, through the official event website, all attendees have the opportunity to calculate and offset the emissions generated by their transport and accommodation during their participation in the event.

GSMA is aware that part of its emissions cannot be reduced due to its main activity. Therefore, after calculating the total footprint of the event, the GSMA offsets its residual emissions by purchasing credits in the voluntary carbon market. The mechanisms used by the GSMA ensure and accredit that the credits purchased have been used for the implementation of projects and technologies that reduce emissions globally. Once these credits are purchased to offset residual emissions, the event is certified as a carbon neutral event, something that MWC Shanghai has been doing since 2015.

Since 2013 Factor Ideas for change supports GSMA with the calculation and offsetting of emissions from its international events, as well as from all its offices. With more than a decade of experience Factor CO2 specialises in providing solutions in mitigation and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, as well as adaptation to climate risks. Its services include from GHG emissions accounting and neutrality strategies, thanks to initiatives such as Go CO2 neutral, to climate change vulnerability studies or the development of climate action strategies.


Factor Ideas for change

Factor has more than 15 years of experience offering technical consulting services in the areas of climate change adaptation and mitigation, carbon footprint analysis, sustainability, circular economy, renewable energy and carbon markets, amongst other things, undertaken on behalf of governments and international organizations, as well as for over 400 companies, with more than 1,100 projects undertaken within 40+ countries.


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