Metroeconomica participates in the Summit of Technological Innovation and Circular Economy

06 July 2018 | CO2

Today, Friday, July 6, Metroeconomica will participate in the "Summit of Technological Innovation and Circular Economy", held in Madrid, Spain.

The main objective of the Summit, organized by the Advanced Leadership Foundation (ALF) and the INCYDE Foundation, is to promote a faster and more efficient transition towards a sustainable economic model in Spain, by raising public awareness of the competitive advantages that the circular economy and innovation represent for companies, institutions, entrepreneurs and the country as a whole.

ALF, in collaboration with the INCYDE Foundation, has identified a selected group of 300 experts to train them on how the circular economy and innovation represent a unique opportunity for economic growth and the future of the country.

Ibon Galarraga, General Director of Metroeconomica and BC3 researcher, has been one of the 300 experts selected to participate in this initiative that will make him an ambassador for the circular economy and innovation thanks to his commitment to carry out a minimum number of presentations or participations in several media events.

Part of the training of those selected, among them Ibon, will take place at the Summit and will be carried out by personalities such as Christopher Pissarides (Nobel Prize in Economics, 2010), Finn Kydland (Nobel Prize in Economics, 2004), Barack Obama (44th President of the United States), Teresa Ribera (Minister of Ecological Transition of Spain), as well as distinguished national and international personalities.

If you wish to consult the program in more detail, click on the following link:



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Source: Factor