Meteorology is of upmost importance for all sectors, including both public and private sectors. At a time in which Big Data is subject to steady growth, reliable tools for meteorological and climatological information are required in order to optimise the increasingly more complicated decision-making processes, and to simplify day to day operations, from financial operations to civil defence activities, including energy production, news media or any outdoor activity whatsoever.

At Meteoclim we are specialists in meteorology, climatology and climate change. Furthermore, the fact that we are a spin-off of the University of the Balearic Islands, we are at the forefront of knowledge, and are able to configure our own models for atmospheric, climate and hydrology forecasting models, and incorporate the most advanced technology within all of our solutions.


At Meteoclim, our goal is to be a worldwide reference in meteorological and climatological forecasts, by providing quality products and services with a high degree of technological content, which respond exactly, quickly and with flexibility to the needs and requirements of our clients.

  • Meteorology. We generate high resolution meteorological forecasts thanks to the most recent scientific and technological developments. Our forecasts are based upon the application of physics-mathematical models that govern the fundamental rules regarding the atmospheric processes, which enable decisions to be adopted in consideration of the adverse effects thereof. Thus, among other projects, we also provide local scale forecasts for outdoor activities, sailing activities, etc. Our clients include the Vuelta España, the Spanish Triathlon Federation, and the Trofeo Princesa Sofía. Moreover, we also develop automatic and customised products for news media, newspapers, digital and TV media. On the other hand, we also have an advanced system for the detection of lightning bolts and thunderstorms in real time as well as nowcasting systems. Furthermore, we carry out customised studies and we implement any solutions related with meteorology.
  • Climatology. We are specialised in the generation of modelling tools for the assessment of future climate change scenarios at a regional and local scale. In this context, we have developed ad hoc tools in order to model and statistically process the climate data in order to construct real scenarios in the short-, medium- and long-term at a regional and local scale. Moreover, we are specialised in the analysis and assessment of climate impacts for different economic sectors, from agriculture to tourism. Thanks to our forecasts, our clients are able to plan their climate change policies for each local area or even customise the forecasts at a local scale.
  • Furthermore, at Meteoclim we carry out studies regarding the potential of renewable energies at a mesoscale and microscale based upon complex physics models and on databases with highly detailed geographic information. Moreover, we also monitor threats or adverse events, and compile and process data in order to provide forecasts and time predictions regarding their action and the possible effects thereof. On the other hand, we carry out risk assessment activities, and provide the necessary information to companies regarding the climate change risks related to the economic and financial viability thereof.
  • Mobile applications. We provide our knowledge and services to users through two mobile applications: Meteosport, by means of which we provide meteorological forecasts for people that love outdoor activities; and Meteosail, by which we provide high resolution forecasts for sailors.