Investors propose green energy projects to be financed under EU ETS in RO

31 January 2020 | Trading

Companies active in the production of electricity from renewable sources in Romania have submitted new projects amounting to several billion euros and with a total installed capacity in excess of 1,000 MW to be financed from the European Union’s budget under the so-called “10 d” mechanism - the Modernization Fund.

Economica.net published the most important projects.

Germany’s WDP has proposed the largest number of big projects, mostly wind farms combined with co-generation plants (heat and electricity), and photovoltaic parks as well. In total, WDP’s projects sum up to EUR 860 mln and will have an installed capacity of 730 MW.

Enel Green Power, Elawan Energy, Verbund IWE and Siemens-Gamesa are among the companies interested in developing green energy projects with EU funding as well.

All of them have already been active in Romania previously.

Romania expects to receive several billion euros, through the European ETS system (EU ETS) to reach its goals for 2030 and for achieving full decarbonised economy by 2050.

One of the sources will be the European Commission's Modernization Fund (mechanism) known as 10d, a fund that draws money from all polluters in the Member States, and from which the Commission then selects projects, at the recommendation of the EIB, and decides which projects can be financed.