Passionate about the conservation and protection of the environment, being able to contribute to a more sustainable planet was what motivated her to study Environmental Engineering. She is currently finishing her PhD in Ecology and Environmental Health. 

12 years of experience
"Fortunate to be able to be a part of the Factor team and to collaborate in the global challenge of climate change. "

Her professional career has given her the opportunity to work with international multi-sector teams, which has allowed her to develop technical skills, as well as project management and coordination abilities. Inês is an expert in climate change adaptation and climate finance, with experience in both public and private sectors, having worked in Universities, Research Institutes, companies in different sectors, the Inter-American Development Bank and also as an external consultant for the European Commission. Inês has worked physically in Portugal, Spain, Finland, Kazakhstan and the United States, and also has experiences in various countries in LAC.


Portuguese is her mother tongue and she is fluent in Spanish and English.