Guarantees of Origin

Guarantees of Origin (GoOs) are green certificates issued to document and report that the energy you consume in Europe comes from renewable energy sources:






The following are the activities that Factor Trading carries out in the GoO market:

1. Forecast

GoOs are part of a very volatile and changing environment influenced by macroeconomics, political and climate aspects.

We offer:

  • Regular and detailed reports about the current and future situation in the markets.
  • Daily tracking of trends and market developments.
  • Operations monitoring.
  • Best bid and offer price levels.

2. Access

El Access to the international GoO market presents an additional complexity, both in terms of regulations and in the search for counterparts, which requires highly specialised human resources.

We offer:

  • Coverage with the best counterparts in the national and international market.
  • Diversity with a wide variety of countries within the AIB.

3. Advice

The regulatory framework under which GoOs are governed increases the complexity of the processing and sale process.

We offer:

  • Support for the expedition, transfer and export of the GoOs.
  • Advice in the search of valid projects for the destination of the income generated by the sale of the GoOs.

4. Plans

Factor Trading designs individualized sales plans for industrialists, with the aim of supporting them in maximizing the profitability of the sale of GOs.

We offer:

  • Advice to minimize costs derived from the purchase of GoOs with specific purchase plans for long and short term.