Medium and long-term business models must take into account the opportunities that arise from innovation, sustainability and the optimal management of value chains. Whether it is the search for new markets and sources of funding, or the need to compete with global firms, an international, sustainable and innovative vision is more necessary than ever.

Factor has been participating in international projects and initiatives in this field for many years. Therefore, through Factor Global, we want to bring our experience to other business organizations, so they can benefit from it.

Our services range from the development of a comprehensive strategy of innovation, sustainability or circular economy, to advising on access to climate funds.

  • R+D+I Financing. With our ten years of experience, on projects at all levels, we help our clients throughout the complete cycle for financing RD&I projects, from detecting opportunities, to finding partners and presenting projects.
  • Strategies for innovation. Based on our experience and knowledge of best international practices, we offer our clients personalized advice to structure specific objectives to define the roadmap for innovation. To do this, in Factor we analyze the capabilities of our clients to provide them with specialized services based on diagnosis of opportunities.
  • Climate finance. Factor advises public and private institutions on the evaluation and procedures for access to climate funds, such as the Green Climate Fund, to implement mitigation and adaptation projects to climate change.
  • Circular economy strategies. Based on our experience in carbon footprint, water footprint and environmental footprint calculation projects, we have helped many of our clients know their starting point and implement sustainable strategies. This allows us to improve their processes and reduce their environmental impacts by implementing a circular design along the entire value chain.
  • Sustainability. Factor assists companies, organizations and governments in improving their economic, social and environmental performance. We support our clients in the development of sustainability strategies, focusing on the different factors that condition it (health, environment, mobility, urban planning, services), in the management of stakeholders and in the integrated reporting (sustainability reports, communication plans, and initiatives such as the DJSI or the CDP, among others), as well as in the development of strategies for Agenda 21.
  • Outsourcing services. In Factor we offer our knowledge in the development of international R+D+I to support other organizations. To do this, we identify opportunities, prepare proposals and establish consortia, among other actions.