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24 September 2020 | CO2


Recent years have marked a turning point in the climate conversation. There has been an increased awareness of the climate challenges we face, and of the actions that need to be taken.

Governments, legislators, and international bodies are feeling greater pressure to act more quickly, which has increased commitments to neutrality at the international level. According to the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU) in 2019 more than 20 countries agreed to establish long-term pathways to achieving zero emissions and some of them even have legislation in place (such as Norway, Sweden, the UK and France).

For its part, the European Union has committed itself to achieving the goal of climate neutrality by 2050 through the European "Green Deal", a very ambitious package of emission reduction measures, as an action plan.

In parallel, the citizens' civic movements on climate change have taken on an unprecedented pace and have stimulated citieslocal governments, which are working to increase climate action. The business sector is also keeping climate change as the top sustainability priority. The demands of investors and stakeholders have has become a strong impetus driver for more ambitious corporate commitments.

With the aim of becoming carbon neutral, organizations should establish a roadmap to guide their path towards a zero-emission commitment. Factor Ideas for change has developed the "Guide to Carbon Neutrality: Towards a Zero Emissions Strategy", which defines the Go Zero roadmap. The roadmap consists in six steps towards zero-emissions, a holistic strategy that includes different aspects of organizations in a journey through the organization's climate governance, the identification and management of climate risks and opportunities, the calculation of the current situation, the development and establishment of real targets to achieve neutrality, the approach of reduction initiatives to achieve these targets and the commitment to zero-emissions through the development of offsetting strategies.

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