Factor presents the mock up of the project Climate action monitoring system at sub-national level in Mexico

24 August 2020 | CO2


On August 18, with the aim of presenting the progress of the "System for monitoring climate actions at the sub-national level", a project that is being carried out together with the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT), the German Cooperation for Sustainable Development in Mexico (GIZ) and Factor CO2, a virtual meeting was held, where the people responsible for the systems of monitoring climate actions in the state governments of Hidalgo and Mexico City participated.

The project, which has been under development since September 2019, is currently in the mock up phase; a prototype that reflects what will be the final platform of this system. One of the main principles of this process is to create a record of climate actions that will be built up by the participants, so from the beginning, the points of view and recommendations of states and municipalities have been taken into account. For this reason, the states of Hidalgo and Mexico City were invited to participate in this presentation of results, where they shared previous experiences with their own climate action monitoring systems.

During the presentation, the advances of the platform were shown and the different functionalities of the platform were explained. The state representatives also presented the functionality of their own systems, and highlighted their compatibility with this new proposal. In addition, they shared, from their own experience, some suggestions for improvement, preventive measures before starting up the system, and the main challenges they faced during the development of their own systems.

The comments obtained were very useful when making comparisons and improvements, and especially necessary to achieve the objectives of functionality and innovation with respect to other already existing systems.

Pilot tests of the system's platform are expected to take place soon, during the month of October, with the participation of five Mexican states.


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Source: Factor