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25 February 2021


Factor Ideas for change welcomes you to the series of reports: "NDC Updates - Factor". Five years after the Paris Agreement and the first commitments made by the 189 signatory countries, it is time to update the commitments of the nations and their ambitions to achieve a "zero emissions" world.

Over the past few years, the most notable and encouraging development in climate policy is that an increasing number of countries have a strong determination to reach "net zero emissions" by mid-century.  These commitments are aligned with the Paris Agreement's global temperature targets. The critical milestone for such commitments will be to see to what extent they are converted into near-term policy initiatives and which countries increase the ambition of their NDCs by 2030. According to the analysis conducted by Factor Ideas for change in recent years the following milestones have been reached:

  • Higher contributions. As of mid-February 2021, 61 countries from 5 continents have increased their emission reduction pledges. The European Union has updated its first NDC to a 55 % emissions reduction by 2030, while the United Kingdom is aiming for a 68% reduction, and Moldova has the most ambitious global target of 70% by 2030. In addition, eight countries have established their second NDC, with Latin America having the largest number of countries involved in this NDC.
  • Net zero pledge. A total of 38 countries have adopted the "net zero pledge" by mid-century. This includes China, one of the big surprises of the year, which has pledged to reach zero emissions by 2060, which represents around 24 % of the world's GHG emissions, although China has not yet submitted its NDC update.
  • Recovery and cooperation. Among different factors, achieving the targets is likely to involve, at least to some extent, international cooperation through carbon markets. In addition, the Biden Administration has resumed the US leadership role with its return to the Paris Agreement, so the next steps will be crucial in determining the way forward.

COP26, scheduled for November in Glasgow, Scotland, will be a key opportunity to know the full progress, especially if countries integrate the response to the health crisis and climate goals.


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