Factor joins forces with Metroeconomica

26 January 2018 | Sustainability | 7

Yesterday, January 25, 2017, the public presentation of the company Metroeconomica took place in Bilbao.

Ibon Galarraga, Partner and General Director of Metroeconomica, made the presentation of the event, which included the participation of Xavier Labandeira, professor of the University of Vigo, expert in energy economics and leading author of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), who made a presentation on the opportunities and challenges of energy and environmental taxation.

Kepa Solaun, Partner and General Director of Factor, also intervened to explain the decision of Factor to join forces with Metroeconomica, with the aim of developing tools and advanced services for decision making in areas such as climate change, the environment, public health or sustainable development.

Metroeconomica is a company specializing in economic analysis and public policy services with a special emphasis on environmental issues, natural resources and sustainable development.

Founded in 1983 in the United Kingdom, Metroeconomica has participated in numerous highly specialized technical projects, developing a recognized reputation for the quality and rigor of its work.

Metroeconomica's expertise along with its experience in public management, advanced research projects and knowledge generation, make this union propel both companies to obtain leadership in international advanced consulting.

From Factor, we start this new phase of undertaking a new project with great enthusiasm, but always with the commitment to constant innovation, combining academic knowledge, technology and practical experience.




Factor we are an international group specialized in offering global, innovative and sustainable solutions in areas such as climate change, energy, sustainability, trading and innovation.

We have an extensive network of alliances with the academic world and research centers that has allowed us to develop unique methodologies and tools.



Source: Factor