Factor Energy imparts career guidance workshop on renewable energy at the Institute of Water and Energy of the Pan African University in Algeria (PAUWES)

29 September 2016 | Energy

In addition to the need to attract significant private investment, large-scale development of renewable energy in Africa is hampered by the lack of qualified professionals along the entire value chain.

The Institute of Water and Energy of the Pan African University in Algeria (PAUWES) is a continental initiative of the African Union Commission (AUC) to revitalize higher education and research in Africa, which was created with the objective of establishing a solid base and educating the generation that will lead the energy transition in Africa. On September 20th the first class of 26 students from 12 African countries graduated.

Hugo Lucas, the Head of the Energy department of Factor (Factor Energy), attended the Pan African University in Algeria with the aim of guiding the careers of graduates in the energy sector, providing students with information on trends in African energy markets as well as labour markets.


Factor Energy helps both public and private clients in Senegal, Mali, Madagascar and Zambia in the design and implementation of regulatory frameworks to advance the energy transition, and developing new business models.

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Source: Factor Energy