Factor develops projects for the calculation of the carbon footprint in petrochemical companies in Trinidad and Tobago

11 June 2019 | CO2 | 6

This week, the follow-up of several of the projects that Factor's carbon footprint team is developing for various organizations in Trinidad and Tobago will be carried out.

This Monday the Factor team, represented by Asier Sopelana, partner and responsible for Factor's footprint department, and Marta Suanzes, senior consultant, confirmed the work plan, methodology and objectives established for the development of the project with Caribbean Gas Chemical Limited, in addition to presenting the calculation tool developed specifically for the aforementioned organization.

Today, Tuesday, they will meet with Methanex and Atlantic to follow up their respective projects. The assistance in the implementation of the indicator for the last two years in the case of the first, as well as the assistance for the calculation of the footprint of 2018 for the second case.

The different meetings were also attended by Camille Roopnaire, local consultant associated with Factor, as well as the technical team of the organizations.

The visit to Trinidad and Tobago will consist of several days for the launch of the projects and the development of the action plan, as well as visits to the facilities for the collection of data and preliminary analysis of the required information.


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Source: Factor