Factor CO2 launches the project to calculate Heritages carbon footprint in Trinidad and Tobago

26 July 2019 | CO2

The project that aims to calculate the carbon footprint of Heritage Petroleum was launched in Trinidad and Tobago this week. The renowned oil company has decided to make its first inventory of emissions and implement reduction measures with the assitence of Factor CO2.

Camille Roopnairemand Germán García, Snior Consultants for Factor CO2, met with the technical team of Heritage to present the working plan, methodology and objectives set for the development of the project.

The visit in Trinidad and Tobago consisted of five working days, the first, the meeting mentioned for the launch of the project and the characterization of processes. The following days, dealt with topics such as information systems management, technical visits, greenhouse gas emission sources, of each department that composes Heritage.

After this week's activities, the development of the inventory and of the calculation tool, the next phase of the project will begin.


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Source: Factor CO2