Factor attends to the final presentation of the European project Electric Travelling

18 September 2020 | CO2

On 16 September, Asier Sopelana, partner of Factor Ideas for change and project manager, participated in the presentation event of "Electric Travelling", a project designed to develop a support platform for the implementation of electro-mobility in Smart Cities based on ICT applications.

The environmental impact of mobility is not easy to quantify or understand for others, which is why the creation of an attractive and simple tool can raise people's awareness and encourage their participation in mitigating the problem. 

Electric Travelling provides ICT tools with the aim of identifying intelligent e-mobility solutions by adapting to urban and suburban areas and facilitating the introduction of electronic vehicles to them, in addition to the necessary charging stations in the existing transport infrastructure.

The project aims to help travellers choose the mode of travel, including also electric vehicles, and the best route, thanks to the use of ICT applications, and will also support local authorities in defining appropriate directions for the development of electric mobility.

The final product of the project (ETSys) will include 4 integrated modules:

  • ETPlanner: a door-to-door travel planner with routing optimiser ready for electric vehicles.
  • ETCharge: includes an optimal multi-criteria allocation algorithm for charging stations.
  • ETSim: a multi-agent simulator that will allow the simulation of people travelling in the selected area (based on ETPlanner).
  • ETReport: reporting module for local authorities presenting the results of the simulation.

In addition, the products developed will be tested in three case studies in Budapest (Hungary), The Hague (Netherlands) and Sosnowiec (Poland). The "Electric Travelling" project is developed within the framework of the EMEurope Horizon 2020 initiative and within this specific project Factor - Ideas for change, SAITEC.S.A., the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, the Delft University of Technology, Over Morgen B.V. and the Silesian University of Technology in Poland have collaborated.


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