Experts from Factor analyse the Caribbean Energy Sector, an opportunity for synergies between mitigation and adaptation

21 October 2020 | Energy


Factor Ideas for change has developed the report " Exploration of adaptation and mitigation synergies" based on reserach in the energy sector of Caribbean Small Island Developing States (SIDS). In the investigation have participated Kepa Solaun, CEO; Florian Eickhold, Climate Change Expert; Mats Marquardt, Consultant; and the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ).

The report is based on the conclusions developed by Factor for the Support Project for the Implementation of the Paris Agreement (SPA) in 2018. As the ability of the Paris Agreement to reflect and incentivize the exploitation of synergies between mitigation and adaptation is limited, the Factor team applied the Resilience Gap Model, which has the competence to explain the links between this two important working streams, mitigation and adaptation, in the energy sector of SIDS, which were chosen to study the practical relevance  of theoretical findings of the model.

The energy sector in the Caribbean SIDS is well known for its great potential for change. Today the source of energy is still mainly fossil-based power generation and electricity is distributed through centralized network structures. These systems tend to be highly vulnerable, not only because of the volatility of fossil fuel prices, but also because of risks such as hurricanes or storms which frequently hit the Caribbean islands becoming increasingly intense due to climate change.

Important factors for the progress of a paradigm shifting narrative in the sector are falling prices of renewable energy solutions and the ability of this technology to increase resilience through decentralized and smart solutions. "We are rethinking how climate action can be more holistic, effective, inclusive and ambitious," says Florian Eickhold, "there is the opportunity to use renewable energy solutions to avoid emissions and adapt to climate change. Collaboration with local change agents has to be strengthened to project these ideas into the sector's ecosystems pursuing lasting solutions.”

You can find the complete study at the following link: https://www.adaptationcommunity.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/2019_10_Overview-Brief_Adaptation-and-Mitigation-Synergies_Climate-Action_final.pdf


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Source: Factor