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26 June 2020


In Factor we want to continue being active, offering the knowledge of our experts and the most relevant information with a series of conferences that will allow you to follow the evolution of the environmental reality in these moments of greater distance. During the month of July, Factor has organized a series of webinars on key sustainability issues.

Factor Trading will offer on June 1st its webinar, "From 'Green Pact' to 'Green Recovery' - COVID-19 and its impact on the design of the EU ETS in Phase IV". On this day we will have Kepa Solaun, CEO of Factor, as master of ceremonies and Iker Larrea, Partner and Head of Markets Division of Factor, as main speaker. In addition to a special guest, Ignacio Ángel Sánchez García, Deputy Director General at the Spanish Office for Climate Change (OECC). The Webinar will start with our guest speaker from the OECC, who will analyze the main developments of the EU ETS from 2021, as well as the challenges facing the reform of the EU ETS to make it compatible with the objectives of the Green Pact. We will follow the presentation with Iker Larrea who will explain how COVID-19 is affecting the emissions market.

On 9 July, our first webinar from Latin America will take place about the " Challenges and experiences in the implementation of the Transparency Framework of the Paris Agreement for MRV and M&E systems". Ángel Valverde, our County Manager in Ecuador, will be the speaker at this event, together with Yuriana González Ulloa, advisor on strategic planning and sub-national coordination of climate change in the German Cooperation for Sustainable Development (GIZ). In this Webinar Factor will share its experiences in the development of MRV systems and the main successes and challenges it has faced in practice. In addition, our guest will analyze perspectives on the development of MRVs based on the latest decisions of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).


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