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16 December 2016 | Trading

Cost-effective emission reduction and low-carbon investments - ETS

On 15 December, the ENVI committee voted on the above draft report. 729 amendments were tabled on the Commission proposal and the basic act, touching upon: the linear reduction factor, the auction share, free allocation and carbon leakage provisions, the use of auction revenues, compensation of indirect emissions costs, the Modernisation and Innovation Funds as well as a possible review of the ETS, in view of the stocktaking exercise envisaged in the Paris Agreement

EU options for improving access to medicines

On 8 December, the ENVI committee held an exchange of views on the above draft report’s amendments. A number of parliamentary resolutions and Council conclusions have drawn the attention to the specific nature of the pharmaceutical market, highlighting the need for a debate and measures to be taken in this regard. The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most competitive sectors in Europe (20% return on investment, 800.000 jobs and producing an output of approximately €200 billion/year).

The Regulation on Paediatric Medicines

On 8 December, the ENVI committee voted on the above draft motion for a resolution. The co-rapporteurs call on the Commission to deliver on time the report on the application of the Paediatric Regulation, including the analysis of the economic impact of the rewards and incentives. They urge the Commission, on the basis of those findings, to consider changes to the text, including through a legislative revision of the Regulation.

Palm oil and deforestation of rainforests

On 28 November, the ENVI Committeel discussed the draft report on palm oil and deforestation of rainforests prepared by ENVI rapporteur Kate?ina Kone?ná (GUE/NGL). The draft report makes reference to the environmental impacts of the palm oil industry and calls for measures to be taken to encourage the sustainable production of palm oil, through the use of, for example, more robust certification schemes, voluntary partnership agreements, and more restrictive import conditions.     

Follow-up to the European Youth event (EYE) - “Ideas check” with young people

Thousands of young people took part in the second edition of the European Youth Event (EYE2016) at the European Parliament in Strasbourg last May with the aim of producing ideas for Europe’s future.


Source: Europa.eu