Europa Mundo Vacaciones, another year as carbon neutral

03 September 2019 | CO2

Europa Mundo Vacaciones - deserving of the WTO (World Truism Organization) 2018 Ethics Award - once again achieves carbon neutrality, thanks to its contribution to a series of projects of great social and environmental impact, hand in hand with Factor CO2, for which it receives the seal "CO2 Neutral".

This well-known company in the tourism sector, and with a long history in the market, once again reaches its carbon neutrality through numerous actions that allowed it to reduce its emissions and offset the 3,937 tons of CO2e corresponding to the issues related to its commercial activity and its value chain in 2018.

Since 2015, Europa Mundo Vacaciones has calculated its carbon footprint by analysing its greenhouse gas emissions and its CO2 equivalence. Similarly, the company has developed a large sustainable management system that includes renewable energy sources, recycling 100% of the waste generated, among other strategies focused on sustainability.

The reduction of emissions associated with an activity, product, organization or event is a complex task and, although numerous efforts are made, reaching carbon neutrality is an almost impossible task. That is why, Europa Mundo Vacaciones made the calculation of its emissions comprising scopes 1, 2 and 3, in which the company's direct and indirect emissions are quantified. In order to understand the dimension of its impact and reduce it.

The most significant sources of these emissions were in the consumption of electrical energy, paper consumption, water consumption, air and land transportation, and generation of waste from the activities of the organization.

In its commitment to minimize its impact on the environment and society, Europa Mundo Vacaciones has deepened efforts to reduce its emissions through numerous sustainability practices such as the Comprehensive Plan for Selective Waste Collection, Training and Awareness of its Personnel in terms of the impact of its commercial activity, the use of non-polluting alternative transport, among others.

Likewise, with the help of the organization Factor CO2, the company's emissions were compensated to achieve carbon neutrality through support for emission reduction projects in various countries such as Mexico, China and Peru.

These projects of great environmental and social impact focused on renewable energy, avoided deforestation and sustainable transport. In this way, Europa Mundo Vacaciones contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030 such as objective 1 - No poverty, 7 –  Affordable and clean energy, 8 - Decent work and economic growth , the 13 - Climate Action, the objective 15 - Life on land, and the 17 – Partnerships for  the objectives, positioning itself as well as a reference for the sector.


Source: Factor