In 2011, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-Moon, launched the global initiative "Sustainable Energy for All" with three very ambitious and interrelated targets for the year 2030: provide universal access to modern energy services, double the rate of improvement in energy efficiency and double the share of renewable energy in the global Having worked in 40 different countries, we help both public and private sector clients to design and implement regulatory frameworks to progress with energy transition, and to develop new business models.


  • Regulatory frameworks. We support governments in designing and implementing regulatory frameworks that promote a transition to a sustainable energy model. In this framework, we coordinate such topics as the development of tenders to bid for renewables projects, public finance programmes for efficiency and renewable energy projects and, producing technical codes for sustainable building.
  • New business models. The large-scale expansion of generation technologies from renewable sources, as well as the applications of information technology to energy management, are creating new business opportunities. In order to make these opportunities a reality, we help companies with their strategic analysis, identifying strengths, opportunities, threats and weaknesses, in order to then design successful business strategies. We also analyse the options for introducing self-consumption, direct purchase on the wholesale market, or optimal choice of methods of contracting with projects suited to each of our clients, among other activities.
  • Energy management systems. Through developing energy management systems, we support companies and organisations in developing and implementing their energy policies, as well as managing the aspects of their activities, products and services that are linked to energy use. In this area, we carry out energy audits and introduce ISO 50001, among other services.
  • Training. Energy transition provides us with many opportunities but it also requires new skills. For this, we work alongside public agents to draw up and run training programmes on designing and implementing energy regulations, energy management mechanisms and stimulating renewable energies, for both public and private sector clients.