Physicist, University Expert, Auditing and Environmental Management Systems. 

Professional Expert, Solar Energy Installer-Designer, Ignite Programme at Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning of Cambridge.

He worked as a technician in Ministry of Environment and Mobility of the Balearic Islands.
"The challenge of starting up a project like Meteoclim and watch it grow from day to day is motivating. Also, working with Factor gives me the confidence of knowing that things are done correctly."

His professional career is geared towards developing specialized studies in meteorology, climatology and climate change. He has a wealth of experience in the development, use and operation of cutting-edge atmospheric, climatic, and hydrological models. The projects that he has directed include high-resolution weather forecasting for sporting events and media outlets.  Additionally, he has participated in several climatology projects such as regionalised climate projections and studies on renewable potential pertaining to climate, among others. 

10 years building metereologicas projections.