AstraZeneca develops its neutrality strategy with Factor

25 November 2020 | CO2


AstraZeneca, the international pharmaceutical company, presented in the early 2020 its 'Ambition Zero Carbon' plan, an ambitious program through which the company will be zero emissions by 2025, in addition to ensuring that its entire value chain will have a negative carbon footprint by 2030. Factor Ideas for change will collaborate with Astrazeneca's "Neutrality Strategy" in Spain and will calculate the company's carbon footprint in a project with two major phases.

In the first phase of the project, Factor Ideas for Change will calculate AstraZeneca's carbon footprint in Spain for 2019. Thanks to this calculation, it will be possible to identify key indicators for any report made by the organization, as well as actions being developed with aiming to reduce energy consumption, raw materials, etc.

In the second phase of the strategy, a climate change and CO2 neutrality plan will be defined for AstraZeneca Spain, which will include specific and personalized objectives and measures to reduce CO2 emissions.


The importance of calculating the carbon footprint

The carbon footprint is an environmental management tool that allows to know the performance in terms of greenhouse gases (GHG) of an organization and its products. Therefore, the carbon footprint provides information on direct emissions that occur in its facilities, indirect emissions, those derived from electricity consumption, and other indirect emissions including the manufacture of raw materials, transportation, product use, etc.

In addition, the carbon footprint also provides information about the energy consumption of the organization, which allows to know in more detail the different stages of the manufacture of the products and have more information about the energy consumption associated with the manufacture of them.

It also creates an opportunity in terms of marketing compared to the competition, since the calculation of the carbon footprint is in a phase of expansion. Therefore, those who currently calculate their carbon footprint usually have an advantage over their competitors regarding this differentiating element that has not yet been widespread.


Factor Ideas for change

Factor has more than 15 years of experience offering technical consulting services in the areas of climate change adaptation and mitigation, carbon footprint analysis, sustainability, circular economy, renewable energy and carbon markets, amongst other things, undertaken on behalf of governments and international organizations, as well as for over 400 companies, with more than 1,100 projects undertaken within 40+ countries.


Source: Factor