Chemical Engineer.

Expert in footprint calculation and implementation of Circular Economy Strategies.

"As part of Factor, I can improve the footprint that we are leaving on the planet in a quicker way. "

Specialized in the development of carbon footprints and inventories, both environmental and hydrological, and has more than 400 references.  Some of the most noteworthy projects that he has been in charge of include the GSM Association, Elecnor and Ikea, where carbon footprint studies have been carried out at the organizational level.  At the international level, it is worth noting his collaboration with the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) in countries such as Ecuador, Honduras and the Dominican Republic, among others, where carbon footprint and product environmental footprint studies have been conducted. Finally, it is worth mentioning his collaboration in the circular design of the Euskal Untxia Product with the agents of the entire value chain.


10 years reducing GHG emissions.