About us

Factor is an international group, specialized in providing global, innovative and sustainable solutions in areas such as climate change, energy, sustainability, trading and innovation.

Our key value is our people. We have offices in six countries, where our interdisciplinary team works for public and private stakeholders, international organizations and non-profit entities.

Our working method is based on offering specialized knowledge, with a deep insight of the clients and with an overall approach. To do this, we have an extensive international network of offices and partners, which continues growing!

Our own history and experiences are based on constant innovation. This helps us target our services, by combining academic knowledge, technology and practical experience.

  • Our clients. We have over 700 public and private clients, for whom we have carried out more than 1,100 projects in over 40 countries. Our client satisfaction level is 9 out of 10.
  • Our working philosophy. It is based on creativity and the collaboration of international working groups, which provides a global vision of our clients' needs. All projects are peer-reviewed by independent working teams and carried out under our certified management system.
  • Our expertise. We only offer services in areas where we have a deep understanding and demonstrable experience. We have a wide network of alliances with the academic world and research centres, which has allowed us to develop unique tools and methodologies.
  • The team. We have radically opted to nurture our team's skills as much as possible and retain extraordinary people. In 2011 we were awarded the International Novia Salcedo Excellence Award for the Professional Integration of Young People, thanks to our working method.
  • Sustainability. We are the first Spanish company to certify emissions neutrality at a worldwide level under the PAS 2060 specification. Furthermore, for nearly 10 years now we have been ISO 14001 certified, and registered in the European Union EMAS register, thanks to our advanced environmental management system.
  • Never-ending creativity. We have a unique methodology and working method based on innovation and design thinking that allows us to offer pluralistic visions of our clients' needs. That is where our motto, "ideas for change", comes from.
  • Quality. Since the beginning we have had an operational working structure that is ISO 9001 accredited, designed to ensure client satisfaction. We believe in our management system and we improve it every year.
  • Responsibility. We constantly support sustainability and social responsibility initiatives. We are signatories to the Global Compact, committed to defending the 10 universally accepted Principles to promote social responsibility in businesses.

Where are we?

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