Factor concludes Environmental Product Footprint consultancy for UNEP

25 February 2021 | CO2


The Latin American and Caribbean region is the world's largest producer and exporter of green coffee. However, small producers are facing a dramatic downward trend in international prices, along with growing consumer demand in advanced markets - which also have the highest prices - for more information on the origin of the beans and the sustainability conditions of their production.

The consultancy "Environmental Product Footprint" is part of UNEP's "Resource Efficiency through the Application of Life Cycle Thinking" project, which aims to integrate resource efficiency into global value chains through the use of life cycle data on environmental impacts. This in turn enables private and public organisations to make informed decisions leading to increasingly sustainable consumption and production.

The purpose of this consultancy was to support the development of a common proposal for Product Environmental Product Category Rules (PEFCR) for the Latin American and Caribbean Coffee Environmental Footprint Network.

The actions carried out by Factor Ideas for change were:

  • Development of a Green Coffee Bean Product Environmental Category Rule, which was carried out in three phases. The first phase was intended to learn about the state of the art of measuring and calculating the environmental footprint of the green coffee sector in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), review the projects developed in different countries of the LAC region and the information provided by the Network. Once this phase was completed, meetings were held with the different members of the network to learn in detail the type of green coffee production system, and in this way look for similarities in order to create a common document. Finally, the first version of the PEFCR was presented in a workshop to all members of the network to discuss the different findings and integrate their ideas, with the aim of strengthening the document. The final version will be submitted to the European Commission for approval and possible publication.
  • Creation of a screening report with all the data and information collected by the Network, this document will be presented jointly with the PEFCR to the European Commission.
  • Elaboration of a Guide for the measurement of the environmental footprint of green coffee in the LAC region, this document is a guideline for coffee producers to estimate their environmental footprint based on the methodology proposed by the European Commission, and also proposes tools for data collection and calculation.

In addition, through the following link you can access an infographic video explaining the process of measuring the environmental footprint of green coffee:



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